Enecsys unveils the cost-saving 480W Duo micro inverter for solar PV modules

Duo concept connects two solar photovoltaic (PV) modules with power point tracking for maximised energy harvest at no cost premium over string inverters

Cambridge, UK, June 8, 2011, 2011: Enecsys Limited, a leading supplier of reliable solar micro inverter systems, unveils the SMI-D480W-60, a 480 Watt micro inverter that mounts on the railing system and accepts DC input from two individual solar modules. This Duo micro inverter enables maximum power point tracking for both modules and reduces inverter cost compared with using one micro inverter per module so that there is no cost premium over string inverters.

The DC power generated by the two solar modules is converted into a single, grid-compliant AC output in the 480W unit, which has a maximum input current of 24A. With a peak efficiency of 96% and Euro efficiency of 94%, the new micro inverter is housed in an IP66-rated enclosure. It weighs 2.1kg and the main body measures 245mm x 160mm x 40mm. The Enecsys SMI D480W-60 has the highest power density of any commercially available solar micro inverter.

The SMI-D480W-60 micro inverter operates from -40 to +85 degrees C, has over 25 years’ service life and is supplied with a 20-year limited warranty. Solar PV installations with Enecsys Duo micro inverters deliver 5% to 20% more energy over the life of the system, depending on the operating environment and installation configuration. Using Enecsys micro inverters eliminates the problem of dramatic reductions in energy harvest when solar modules are mismatched or when one module, or part of a module, has its output reduced through shading or accumulation of surface debris. This causes major energy harvest problems for string inverter systems.

Based on a patented inverter design that removes life-limiting components, including electrolytic capacitors and opto-couplers, the reliability of the Enecsys SMI-D480W-60 has been verified using industry-standard test methods including HALT and HTOL. The inverters have also undergone thermal cycling to IEC61215, the same tests applied to solar PV modules.

The Enecsys SMI-D480W-60 meets CE, EN 62109 and EN 6100-6 safety and EMC standards. Like other products within the Enecsys micro inverter family, it has UL1741 certification that is required for the US and Canadian markets. Country-specific requirements, including VDE V 0126-1:2006 compliance, are met by using specific grid connection products.

Each Enecsys micro inverter has a built-in wireless communication system that transmits detailed performance information for the connected solar modules to the Internet via the Gateway, enabling real-time and historical monitoring.

A new iPhone application, compatible with iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS models, is also announced. Installers can use the application to monitor multiple sites located anywhere in the world, from anywhere with a mobile data connection. For each site, information is provided about the installation date, location, current weather conditions and real-time as well as historical system performance information.

Enecsys CEO, Henrik Raunkjaer, commented, “The Enecsys breakthrough in creating an inverter with a service life to match that of solar modules now has even more appeal to customers as the capital costs are now comparable with those of string inverter systems. Under these circumstances, there is no logical reason why anyone would want to deploy a residential or commercial solar PV system based on string inverters when the advantages of micro inverters have been so clearly demonstrated.”

About Enecsys

Enecsys Limited is the premiere supplier of smart, highly reliable grid-connected micro inverters and monitoring systems that offer an outstanding value proposition. I micro inverter convertono e controllano la potenza CC, generata da ciascun modulo solare nel campo fotovoltaico, in potenza CA per abitazioni e aziende. I vantaggi del sistema a micro inverter Enecsys sono: maximized energy harvest, improved safety for installers and users, increased reliability,a lifetime matching that of the solar modules, real-time performance monitoring for each solar module, and simplified PV array design and installation. Con sede a Cambridge, nel Regno Unito, l’azienda possiede anche un ufficio vendite e assistenza a Redwood Shores, in California; a Bad Homburg, in Germania; e a Taipei, Taiwan.

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